The challenges with international shipping...

Booking international shipping for your business can be a massive pain in the neck! All the wasted time waiting days - even weeks - for quotes from individual freight forwarders (as your shipments keep piling up). The difficulty comparing complicated rates and getting stuck with hidden fees; losing money, blindly paid too much for shipping. For example, while your favorite forwarder’s rates from China maybe awesome, their Brazil rates we could be wiping out your shipping budget.

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XpressRate™ introduces a new era for international shipping. The first online marketplace offering multiple rates for multiple freight forwarders within seconds! Whether you are shipping a box, a pallet, or a whole container XpressRate™ offers you the best rate options from the top providers for air and ocean freight.

XpressRate™ saves you money in three ways:

  1. Providing instant 24/7 access to competitive rates, reducing your quote time from weeks to seconds so your shipments keep moving
  2. Making it simple to compare rates in one online portal with all-in rates
  3. Keeping costs down, ensuring you get the best rate for every shipment, everytime!

Start saving up to twenty percent of your shipping costs.

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