How It Works

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While one provider may have competitive rates to Germany, the same provider could have a higher rate to Brazil. XpressRate™ gives companies the best rate option from several international logistics firms to and from the United States.

In addition to providing multiple rates, XpressRate™ also includes surcharges and cargo insurance rates for shipping cargo. We provide shipping rates for commercial container shipping, box shipping, and pallet shipping via ocean freight carriers and air cargo carriers.

Here's How It Works

  1. Enter your shipping details - origin, destination, mode, dimensions, weight
  2. Hit "Find my Rates" button
  3. Are you shipping any body parts, frozen seafood, or animals? Our partner network does not accept these commodities.
  4. Wait 9 seconds or less. Boom. Shipping rates appear from lowest to highest. Select one to Book it.
  5. Enter shipment address details - pickup and delivery location, commodity, insurance, etc.
  6. Either pay online or get credit terms.
  7. The first confirmation email hits your inbox letting you know of the successful booking.
  8. The second email comes to you identifying your selected forwarder, their contact information. The forwarder will contact you within 4 business hours to schedule the pick-up of the shipment.
  9. Shipment picked up.
  10. Shipment delivered!
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