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XpressRate, LLC is a sales and marketing agency operating solely for the purpose of soliciting freight on behalf of NVOCCs, Freight Forwarders and IACs. With several locations across the United States, we want to be your trusted international shipping resource. We believe our shipping calculator and booking tool will simplify your international shipping experience. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you ship cargo, search for cheap shipping rates, and get the best import rate or export rate for all of your international shipments.

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Did you know...

San Francisco is also known as the "Foggy City"? The San Francisco Bay is the world's largest landlocked harbor. Denim jeans were invented here during the Gold Rush. One ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and you'll leave your heart here.
Denver's nickname is the "Mile High City"? That's because we are one mile above sea level. We are the Rocky Mountain region's center of business and industry. You should visit us in the winter and for an awesome ski vacation getaway!
Kansas City also known as the "City of Fountains" is the BBQ capital of America? We take our barbeque burnt ends and ribs almost as seriously as our sports! KC's Arrowhead Stadium was the first to transmit instant replay. Go Chiefs!
Austin is the capital of Texas and the home of the University of Texas. Our city attracts some of the finest high-tech researchers in the country.
Dallas is leader in computer manufacturing? The integrated circuit computer chip was invented here in 1958. Our Metroplex is also known as "Silicon Prairie". We are significant hub in the U.S. transportation system, having one the nations busiest airports.
Atlanta has one of the busiest airports in the world and it's as big as 45 football fields? Our city is the heart of business and industry in the southeastern United States.
Charlotte is a large banking leader in the United States? We are also U.S. Airways hub.
New York City is the highest populated city in the United States? We have over 8 million neighbors! The first pizzeria was opened here in 1895. You haven't had pizza until you've had a New York slice!